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How we get this data?

We have been working around on the artifical intelligence of social media websites like Facebook, Instagram, Pintreset, Twitter and various others. So we have developed some sort of algorithms in which these websites works and reverse engineered their social and other websites. Currently we move lanuched 3 websites. Later on we are moving on other countries.

Pakistan Mobile Network details?

Back in 2008 Pakistan was declared as the 3rd fastest growing telecom market. Telecommunications in Pakistan is flourishing day by day in every manner i.e., mobile networks, telephone and internet market is a boom in Pakistan telecommunication industry. The key factors in the drastic development of telecommunication in Pakistan are domestic investments in the domain of mobile networks and more over construction of fiber optics all over the country to provide network support.

Current Working Countries?

List of countries on which LiveTracker are working 100% perfect right now.
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